Soak up the fun with new water based hide and seek 

colourful water balloons in tub

Soak up the fun with this water-based version of the old classic! It doesn’t matter how old you are to join in the fun of this simple outdoor activity idea; although you might want to pick a sunny day for it. This water-based version of hide and seek will not only help you stay cool in the sun, it’s bags of fun, too.

You’ll need

Sponges (tip – buy 3 packs of assorted coloured flat kitchen sponges)

1 bucket of water



Eco friendly – unlike water bomb balloons, sponges are reusable, and don’t pop on first use!

Make your sponge bombs

Cut your sponges into long strips (approx 4 strips per sponge)

Lay four strips side by side and lay another four strips on-top of them

Slip a piece of strip under the bottom layer of strips and tie all the sponge strips tightly together at the centre.

Cut off the excess string. 

You have now made a sponge bomb. 

Repeat until all your sponges have been used. 

How to play

  1. Fill a bucket with water and place it in the centre of your ‘game play’ area. This will be your ‘safe’ area, that all player can access. 
  2. Give each player three wet sponges, and leave up to 5 sponges in the bucket for the seeker. 
  3. Players must take their sponges and hide whilst the seeker closes their eyes and counts to 20 before starting to seek. 
  4. When the seeker finds a player, they must tag them by throwing the wet sponge. The player can try to avoid being tagged by running to the safe area and throwing their sponges into the bucket. 
  5. Once tagged, a player can join the seeker in trying to find the remaining players. 

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