To Re-Thread:

The Waist

For extra petit frames, the strap can double-back through the shoulder slider:

I hope that helps, but get in touch with me (Kate) if you need anything more. xx

How to adjust your baby reins

The Gliders
Your reins should have four gliders (circled on image below) on the waist; two on either side. The gliders furthest from the central buckles slide left and right to adjust the tightness of your reins.

Waist gliders
Both sets of gliders should be threaded as displayed in the image below. If they are not, push the free-hanging strap out of the gliders and re-thread.

The Waist
To tighten, push the inside part of the waist strap upwards through the gliders closest to the central buckle, then pull the free-hanging strap to make its fit more snug. You can tighten it even more by pushing the gliders furthest from the central buckle towards the middle.

To loosen, reverse the steps above.

Adjusting the shoulders
To tighten, move the slider along the shoulder straps towards the central buckle. The sliders can go all the way down over the seam and label if you need them to. To loosen, push the slider in the opposite direction, away from the central buckle.

For petit frames, the strap can double back through the shoulder slider. Then you’ll have your favourite toddler walking reins ready to go.