Baby & toddler reins

Named one of the UK’s best toddler reins, ONK designs include leopard print baby reins, camo and more… shop for your favourite baby walking harness (reins included) below.

Why use toddler reins

Shop ONK’s baby reins – named one of the UK’s best toddler reins, by Mother & Baby. Fun baby walking reins designs include leopard print baby reins, camo and more. Toddler walking reins are an essential when you’ve got a runner on your hands – ONK’s fun baby rein designs in leopard print baby reins, Hawaii print, stars and more, have been designed by a mum to keep little ones close whilst giving them freedom to explore. Named one of the one of the UK’s best baby reins, by Made for Mums and Mother & Baby, ONK has created a children’s walking harness that took more than nine years to perfect and bring to market. So what makes it so different?

Named best baby reins

The ONK toddler walking harness with reins comes in several stand out designs, including leopard print, camouflage and limited edition Union Jack baby reigns in celebration of HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. ONK baby harnesses are adjustable at the front and the back; and they are reversible giving you the option to make wearing reins part of your going out routine so you can face your littlie when you put the reins on – just as you do when you put on their coat – or you can put them on from behind (for moments that can be a little more challenging).

The reins are at a purposeful length: long enough to provide freedom, but short enough to hold at an angle to help prevent your child from falling over.

To use children’s walking reins or not?

Children’s walking harnesses not only support toddlers when they are finding their feet, but they help keep close those inclined to wander wherever their imagination or curiosity takes them. Still giving them the freedom to walk independently, the best baby reins also ensure little explorers are safe, and near to you as you walk. So what do you say if someone draws an analogy between a dog on a leash and your reins being a child leash? Just as you don’t want your ever-curious dog to be run over, nor do you want your child to be. They need to become aware of the dangers of the road first.

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